10 of the best Indian dishes you must try

India is a wonderful subcontinent known for many things. Not only are thousands of cultures present in India, there are over 900 dialects and languages ​​that have emerged from the population of this nation. one of the most renowned things India is known for, however, is its food. Although cuisines differ from city to city and region to region, many dishes have gained more popularity than others. With that being said, here are ten of the best Indian dishes you must try that you can probably buy at a local Indian restaurant near you.

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ten Butter chicken

Butter Chicken or Makhan Murg in Hindi is one of the most popular Indian dishes. Makhan, in Hindi, means butter and Murg means chicken, which literally translates to butter chicken. Originally native to the state of Punjab in northern India, Butter Chicken consists of beautifully cooked chicken mixed with a curry tomato sauce, making it a popular curry that has gained international fame. . Butter chicken was first invented by accident in the Moti Mahal restaurant in New Delhi when leftover pieces of chicken were mixed with leftover sauce. This dish is eaten with naan, roti or even with rice.

9 Dal tadka


Dal Tadka is also a very popular Indian dish which has not only gained national fame but also international fame. Dal Tadka was originally made with charcoal burnt to give it a smoky flavor, but since then it has grown into one of the simplest dishes in the world. Making Dal Tadka is a simple process that involves steaming lentils or dal and then seasoning it with traditional Indian spices such as cumin, garlic, and ghee. Dal Tadka is mild with the spices, just enough to give it a good flavor, but not enough to make it intolerable.

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8 Chat

Next on this list of the best Indian foods is a broad category of street foods known as chaat. Chaat in India is usually sold in makeshift stalls along busy streets and is a popular dinner or snack for all kinds of people from children and office workers to the elderly. Among the most popular types of chaats are Bhel Puri, Pani Puri, and Samosa Chaat. Although cats are very likely to change depending on the region you visit, the aforementioned foods are common and can be found almost anywhere you go in India.

7 samoussa

Next come the classic samosas. A samosa can differ in shape, size, and toppings depending on the region, but has the same basics no matter where they are located. Samosas are basically Indian calzones. They feature a crispy exterior that is deep fried and is filled with a variety of vegetables such as potatoes, meat or heavily seasoned lentils. Samosas are served with sauces such as mint sauce, tamarind sauce, and spicy green sauce, which complement the samosa well. Samosas are not only found in India, but also in the Middle East.

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6 Masala chai

Next is not a food, but rather a type of tea. One of the most traditional and classic staple foods in Indian cuisine is Masala Chai. Masala Chai differs from the traditional British or American teas that most people are used to. Masala Chai begins with fresh tea leaves from tea plantations in Assam or West Bengal. The black tea leaves are then steeped in hot water and mixed with grated ginger and cardamom seeds to give it a hint of spice. After the brewing process, milk is added and it is served hot and chilled.

5 Tandoori chicken

Tandoori chicken is another dish from North India that may date back to 3000 BC. Tandoori chicken takes its name from the container in which it is cooked, known as the Tandoor oven. It is a cylindrical shaped oven that is powered by the combustion of wood or charcoal. The Tandoor oven is made of clay or metal and offers a distinct taste to the dishes cooked inside. Tandoori chicken consists of chicken that is marinated for a few days in a mixture of yogurt and tandoori masala, a mixture of traditional Indian spices. Following this, the chicken is then cooked.

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4 Matar Paneer

Next is the classic Matar Paneer. In Hindi, Matar translates to peas and Paneer refers to a fresh cheese made in India, which is one of the main ingredients in this dish. Matar Paneer is a North Indian dish that consists of peas and paneer cooked in a mild tomato sauce like butter chicken, except that the Matar Paneer is seasoned with Garam Masala, a blend of ground spices. Matar Paneer is traditionally served with Indian bread like naan or aloo paratha, but is also eaten by some with rice. Sometimes other ingredients such as potatoes can be added.

3 Dhokla

Coming from the Indian state of Gujarat is Dhokla. Dhoklas are made with a fermented dough derived from split chickpeas and rice and can be eaten for virtually any dish. Dhoklas are eaten in India as a side dish, for breakfast, as a main course, and even as a snack at events such as parties and weddings. Dhoklas are best served with a spearmint sauce and a mild tamarind sauce and are usually yellow in color. Dhoklas have many variations. They can be made with a variety of ingredients containing different ratios of chickpeas.

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2 Vada Pav

Next is the food that was first sold on the streets and is now sold in restaurants in India and the rest of the world, Vada Pav. Vada refers to a fried potato fritter that is placed between two pieces of bread, the pav. Due to this dish’s resemblance to a sandwich or hamburger, it is commonly referred to as the Bombay Burger due to its origin in the city of Mumbai in North India, formerly known as Bombay. Vada Pav is served with one or more chutneys like green sauces and tamarind sauces. Next to the Pav is also a green pepper.

1 Rogan josh

Finally on that list is Rogan Josh. Rogan Josh is a North Indian dish with Muslim influences and originally from Persia or Kashmir. Rogan Josh is a curried meat dish that includes a piece of red meat like lamb or goat that is colored and flavored with flowers or alkane roots and Kashmiri peppers. Rogan Josh is prepared by Muslims and Hindus with significant differences in the way he is prepared. Rogan Josh is best served with naan or any other Indian bread. It’s also worth mentioning that Rogan Josh is a staple in British restaurants.

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