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5 Indian Weight Loss Foods You Must Eat Daily

Indian foods can help you lose weight in a healthy way STRONG POINTS Include plenty of fresh fruit in your diet A variety of vegetables together can help you lose weight Add probiotics to your diet for healthy digestion and weight loss Diet can play an important role when it …

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Ditch Low Carb Diets, Try These 10 Indian Foods For Fast Weight Loss And Better Digestion

Idli sambhar, upma and poha are some Indian foods that promote weight loss Strong points Dalia is an Indian food for weight loss Dal rice can also help you lose weight The weight loss achieved in the Indian diet is more sustainable than the fad diets In a world of …

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Lessons Bollywood Can Learn From South Indian Films

Commercial cinema feeds more on treatments than on ideas. The audience is brutal, canceling films as soon as a feeling of déjà vu sets in. This harsh reality is what makes the vibrant South Indian film industry remarkable. We’ve seen brave directors present mundane stories in a fresh and interesting …

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