Bhagyashrees Rishikesh journey consists of these delicious Indian dishes

We all know the many benefits of an outing, especially if it’s in a popular location. Besides sightseeing and gala moments with peers, there is one more thing that is essential in such trips. Can you guess It’s easy. Great food, of course! And Bollywood actress Bhagyashree knows it very well. The actress had recently visited the Lakshman Jhula Bridge in Rishikesh and food was an important part of her travel diaries. She flooded Instagram Stories with snapshots of all these places. But it was incomplete without a few drool-worthy photos of food.

Bhagyashree’s lunch in Rishikesh included hot and steamy Indian dishes. She gave us a taste of the chewy kulcha plates stuffed with a succulent and spicy filling, the palak paneer with an incredibly thick sauce, and the dal tadka cooked with lots of spices. The dishes looked too good to resist. Tagging the restaurant where she ate, Bhagyashree wrote, “Lunchtime. “

Bhagyashree had these delicious stuffed naans for lunch in Rishikesh


Bhagyashree also had thick creamy Palak Paneer and Dal Tadka

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Bhagyashree didn’t stop there. The health-conscious celebrity has made it clear that she loves food. She shared a video where we see empty dishes and bowls that devoured cleanly, surely this video didn’t need a caption. However, we can hear Bhagyashree say “sab khatam” (it’s all over) at the end.


Bhagyashree then uploaded a video showing empty plates and bowls.

Bhagyashree’s travel diaries were filled with goodies. The actress made sure to snack on some comfort food every now and then. What better comfort food than Maggi instant noodles? Bhagyashree recently posted a photo of a bowl of this must-try food and we can’t help but drool. Chopped tomatoes, chili peppers and the quintessential blend of spices made the dish look delicious. Read here to find out how the actress enjoyed “Maggi meals” to her heart’s content.

Bhagyashree loves to indulge in Indian cuisine. We know this from his regular social media updates that feature mouthwatering Indian cuisine. For the actress, the “real pleasure” lies in a bowl of palak paneer and a plate of dried peas with curry. The spicy dishes have clearly captured the heart of Bhagyashree. We know when she added hashtags “asli maza“,” really fun “and” Indian food “to caption her video. Read here to know about her love for Indian food.

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