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BharatSthali empowers women all over the world with intricately weaved and designer segment Banarasi sarees. Their Banarasi sarees are immensely popular for their designs, colors and textures rich in Mughal and Indian culture all over the world.

Sarees have been an integral part of most Indian women’s lives for ages. From depicting feminine adornment to decorum and respect, this flattering yet simple piece of fabric has historical significance and delicate craftsmanship. BharatSthali is one such brand that offers a great selection of traditional and designer Banarasi sarees.

Banarasi sarees are considered as one of the best sarees representing Indian traditions at its core. Hailing from Varanasi or Banaras in Uttar Pradesh, these sarees are well known for their rich embroidery and are ideal for weddings, festivals and parties.

The Bharat Sthali Banarasi Saris offer interesting floral, animal, human, fruit, bird and geometric designs. These sarees are most commonly made in four varieties namely georgette saree, pure silk saree or katan, shatir saree and organza. Some commonly available varieties of Banarasi silk sarees are jangla, satin trim, brocade, cutout, organza, resham butidar, and tanchoi.

The founder of BharatSthali shares, “Originally, Banarasi sarees were adorned with genuine silver and gold threads for the royal family. But considering their affordability and high demand for Banarasi sarees around the world, these threads have now been replaced by silver and gold colored threads.

What makes BharatSthali a popular online shopping destination for Banarasi sarees are the eye-catching patterns, woven shades and worldwide shipping availability. Like all other sarees present in the online website, Banarasi sarees also have an important historical history.

The Mughal Empire first introduced Banarasi silk to India. During the reign of Emperor Akbar, most of the weavers from Gujarat moved to Benares. The love of these weavers for fine fabrics and silks eventually led to the birth of the Banarasi silk saree along with the classic designs that are revered to this day.

Over the years, BharatSthali has etched its name among the most influential and ethnic brands of Banarasi sarees and more in India. Some of the other Banarasi product lines they offer include Banarasi dupattas, Banarasi blouses and Banarasi clothes. Their beautiful and authentic collection of Banarasi gear is what makes them the go-to option for all things Benares.

Incepted by only two weavers at the time, BharatSthali is now a team of 5000+. The brand has become a household name among thousands of women across India for its wide collection of flawless and traditionally rich sarees, with its range of Banarasi sarees at impressive prices.

Unlike other shopping platforms, BharatSthali keeps updating their website with new, authentic and stylish Banarasi sarees from the weavers of Mirzapur, Bhadohi, Jaunpur and Azamgarh outside of Varanasi. The different types of Banarasi sarees that the website markets are recognized worldwide for their detailed and in-depth designs. So, making Banarasi sarees from BharatSthali is definitely a staple in every Indian women’s wardrobe.

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