Desi ‘Bridgerton’ Fans Slam Indian Culture’s Inaccuracy

When a work of fiction, or any other form of art, attempts to portray a foreign culture or tradition, it should be thoroughly researched. Indeed, a slight misrepresentation can offend people who identify with the community, leading to a lot of backlash, especially when the internet and media are so proactive these days.

This is precisely what happened with the second season of the popular TV show “Bridgerton”.

The show tried to be inclusive by including people of Indian descent. However, he reportedly failed to accurately portray on-screen culture. The show features an Indian family, the Sharmas, with three South Asian actors namely Kate Sharma (played by Simone Ashley), Edwina Sharma (played by Charithra Chandran) and Lady Mary Sharma (played by Shelley Conn) in the lead roles.

However, aside from their colorful clothes, their undying love for tea and the Haldi ceremony, they got it pretty wrong.

And as we live in the era of social networks, Internet users have given their opinion without mincing words.

Some supported the show with explanations and said they did a pretty good job of showcasing diversity.

While some felt the glitches were detrimental to the experience, others backed it up with solid explanations. What do you think?

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