Did Allu Arjun make fun of South Indian movies in Zomato Ad?

Is it necessary to introduce Allu Arjun? Obviously, a big no. He is one of the most popular stars in the Telugu film industry. Recently, he starred in a Zomato commercial. He can be seen fighting a few goons in a mall. Like, Allu Arjun, one of the goons starts falling in slow motion. Then the goon calls Allu Arjun Bunny and asks him in Telugu to drop him off faster. So Allu Arjun replies, “It’s southern cinema. That’s how we do it.” Then the goon replies that he wants to eat Gongura Mutton and the restaurant will be closed by the time he falls down. Allu Arjun replies, “Gongura Mutton or whatever, Zomato is here for you.” Some fans loved it while some other sections of people troll him and ask him to be more responsible.

Pravallika Anjuri took to her Twitter and wrote, “Zomato turned out to be the flower with their poor and outdated satire on southern cinema. Probably bcz ‘Fire(ing)’ never worked in their favor .”

Here are some tweets from Twitter.

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