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New Delhi: The Vice President, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu said today that the traditional New Year festival, celebrated across the country with different names and customs such as Ugadi, Yugadi, Gudi Padwa, Chaitra Sukladi, Cheti Chand, Sajibu Cheiraoba, Navreh is a symbol of Indian culture – reflecting its diversity and underlying unity.

Speaking at the Ugadi celebrations at the Swarna Bharat Trust in Hyderabad, Shri Naidu called on the youths to preserve and protect Indian culture and understand the significance of every Indian festival. He wished the traditional New Year to usher in prosperity and happiness in the lives of people in the country.

The Vice President observed that strengthening ties between people of different cultures promotes harmony in society. Recalling India‘s civilizational value of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, Shri Naidu called for sustained efforts by all for the progress of the country. “Let us unite and move forward, realize Atma Nirbhar Bharat,” he said.

Shri Naidu observed that colonial rule exploited India and led to an inferiority complex among Indians. Urging everyone to be proud of India’s ancient heritage, Shri Naidu said India is growing rapidly in all sectors and the whole world is looking to India. Calling for the highest quality of debate in public discourse, he said no one should diminish the country’s status on the world stage.

Recalling that New Year’s festivals are also a celebration of nature’s bounty, the Vice President urged everyone to make a New Year’s commitment to preserving nature and adopting sustainable practices. He also advised people, especially young people, to avoid sedentary lifestyles and adopt healthy habits.

The Vice President stressed the importance of using Indian languages ​​in public life and suggested that “everyone should cherish and use their mother tongue in their daily lives as far as possible”. He also wanted the mother tongue to be the language of instruction in schools, at least up to the primary level. He said that Indian languages ​​should increasingly be used in administration and in the courts.

Shri Naidu commended Swarna Bharat Trust for its women empowerment and youth development activities. On this occasion, Shri Naidu attended various cultural and literary performances such as “Ugadi panchanga sravanam” – a brief analysis of the Hindu Astrological Almanac by Dr. Sagi Kamalakara Sarma, Professor, University of Osmania, “Telugu padya vaibhavam” – a poetry recital by Shri Gummadi Gopala Krishna, “Sangeetha Vaibhavam” by Shri Challagali Venkatraju and a Kuchipudi dance performance by Mrs. Manne Tina Chowdary.

Chairman, Swarna Bharat Trust, Dr. Kamineni Srinivas, Secretary Shri B. Subbareddy, Smt. Chigurupati Uma, administrators and other dignitaries participated in the event.

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