SRM University launches Aadigyan to celebrate Indian culture


Aadigyan launched in a grand ceremony in hybrid mode

The initiative aims to integrate education in Indian art and culture

The Office of International Relations and Graduate Studies of SRM University Andhra Pradesh (SRM AP) has launched Aadigyan, an initiative to introduce the rich philosophy, arts and culture of India to a global audience.

The Aadigyan was launched in a grand hybrid ceremony on February 26. G Kishan Reddy, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Development of the North East Region of India, was the chief guest. “It is encouraging to launch Aadigyan, which marks the beginning of sharing Indian values, culture, heritage and art globally. I wish success to Aadigyan and congratulate SRM-AP University for having offered this wonderful opportunity to the world,” he said.

Vice Chancellor of SRM-AP University, VS Rao launched Aadigyan’s promotional video and said that Aadigyan aims to mainstream education in the art and culture of India.

Naga Swetha Pasupuleti, Associate Director, International Relations and Graduate Studies, introduced the partner institutions – ISKCON, The Art of Living, The Temple Dance, Nrityanjali, Isha Foundation, Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation, Brahma Kumaris; and Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence, Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad.

Introducing the Samskriti project to SRM AP students, Radhe Jaggi from the Isha Foundation emphasized the need to nurture, preserve and exhibit the majesty of traditional Indian arts when these art forms are practiced as a hobby.

As an SRM alumnus, Radheshyam Das, Founding Director of VOICE (Vedic Oasis for Inspiration Culture and Education) and President of ISKCON, Pune, appreciated SRM AP’s efforts to orient education towards human creation rather than towards the creation of money.

Dance goes beyond the realm of physical reality. Indian dance forms are widely used for therapeutic purposes, pointed out Prateeksha Kashi, an Indian dancer from Kuchipudi; and actress Himansee Katragadda, the founder of The Temple Dance, shared her happiness in offering Kuchipudi dance lessons to SRM AP students.

BK Shivani, motivational speaker and spiritual teacher of Brahma Kumaris, elucidated the need to live in the basic equations of life. Brahma Kumaris will offer classes on values ​​education and holistic health as part of Aadigyan.

“Let us not forget the identity and dignity of our own culture and traditions,” said Tushar Guha, Founder and Chairman of Nrityanjali Group. Diversity is the basis of existence and India celebrates diversity, said Rajeev Nambiar, Director of National Teacher Coordination, The Art of Living.

Last updated on February 28, 2022

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