Submit your personal bankruptcy statement: What you need to know

If you have plans to apply for protection granted by bankruptcy, you must receive credit counseling from an organization approved by the government during the 180 days prior to the date of filing. In addition, in order to receive a discharge of your debts, you also have to complete an education course for the debtor.

  • Credit counseling and education of approved debtors organizations
  • Requirements applicable to counseling and education
  • How to choose a credit counselor
  • Help and information


List of approved debtor education providers or request information at the bankruptcy office for your district.

List of approved debtor education providers or request information at the bankruptcy office for your district.

After completing the compulsory education course of the debtor, the organization has to deliver a certificate as proof. This certificate is a separate document and separate from the certificate that was given to you after the end of the counseling session prior to filing the bankruptcy declaration application. To verify that you are issued a certificate issued by a debtor education provider approved by the judicial district corresponding to the filing location for your bankruptcy filing, see the US Receivership website. Unless prior to the session you are informed that a fee will be charged, the debtor’s education providers can not charge you an extra amount for issuing the certificate.

Check the approved list or request information at the bankruptcy office corresponding to the district in which you submit your application. When you get the list of approved organizations in your judicial district, call several organizations to gather the necessary information to determine which is most convenient.


These are some of the important questions:


  • What services does it offer?
  • Will it help me develop a plan to avoid problems in the future?
  • What are the fees or fees to be paid?
  • What will happen if you are not able to pay your charges?
  • What are the qualifications of your advisors? Do they have accreditation or certification granted by an external organization? What type of training did your advisors receive?
  • What security measures do you take to protect my information (including my address, telephone number and financial information) and to preserve the confidentiality of my data?
  • How is the compensation received by your employees calculated? Will they charge more if I accept receiving certain services, if I pay a fee, or if I make a contribution to your organization?

If you have any concerns about the credit counseling organizations or about how to submit personal bankruptcy statement, we are here to help. Contact us now!

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