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Vineeth Sreenivasan’s coming-of-age drama Hridayam performed tremendously and was well received by audiences and critics alike. Following its theatrical release, the film is now available on Disney+ Hotstar, made available to those who haven’t watched it yet. Much of the film celebrates college life, and we can’t help but reminisce about the good old days. We can’t relive those days, but we can certainly revisit them through various movies that have come out glorifying college life. Here are a few movies that will take you back to that phase of your life (in no particular order of importance):


Nanban, a coming-of-age comedy-drama is written by Rajkumar Hirani (for the film) and directed by Shankar, loosely based on the novel Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat. The film tells us about 3 friends and the time they spend together in an engineering school. It gives us a fresh look at the ups and downs, realities and tragedies of college life. The film is moving, hilarious and revealing.


This light romantic comedy is written and directed by John Mahendran. It revolves around Sachein and Shalini, two classmates who later become good friends. Sachein ends up falling in love with Shalini and declares her love to her but she rejects him. In response, he confidently tells her that she will fall in love with him in 30 days. She too falls in love with him later, but her ego gets in the way and doesn’t allow her to divulge their feelings.


Written and directed by Alphonse Puthren, this Malayalam coming-of-age novel explores George’s life and his romantic affiliations at different stages of his life. Her first love turns out to be a disappointment. But with the arrival of Malar, a lecturer at her university, her love is rekindled with fiery passion. This journey takes him through several stages, helping him find his purpose. The college parties featuring Nivin Pauly, Sai Pallavi and friends were the major highlight, striking a chord with the audience.


Shiva and Jenny are admitted to the same college and when they meet in a temple, they realize that they have met before when they were children. They become good friends for a while, but later fall out over a misunderstanding and therefore break up. Both realize that they are in love and cannot live without each other, but their ego prevents them from expressing their feelings to each other. This romantic comedy is written and directed by SJ Suryah.


The film features a group of young people from an engineering school who form an unbreakable friendship after going through various common and personal struggles. The original version was directed by Sekhar Kammula, while the remake was directed by KV Guhan and financed by Prakash Raj.


This drama is directed by KS Sethumadhavan and written by Kamal Haasan who also plays the lead role in the film alongside Gautami Tadimalla. It tells the story of V. C. Selvam who joins as vice principal of a college riddled with internal strife taking place on campus as he tries to reform the minds of wayward students.


This action romance revolves around an orphan, Karthik, and a rich boy, Arjun, who belong to two rival college football clubs. They end up becoming friends, but problems tend to arise after they both fall in love with the same girl. The film is written and directed by Kathir.


Written and directed by Jeeva, this romantic drama is about 3 college students, Shyam, Priya, and Pooja, whose friendship they have shared since college is affected due to the love triangle they find themselves stuck in. Things take an unexpected turn when Shyam professes his love for Priya, leaving Pooja heartbroken.


Directed by Rishab Shetty, this Kannada romantic comedy tells us about Karna, a first-year engineering student and leader of a mischievous gang, who falls in love with Saanvi who is in her final year at the same college. However, he decides to make amends after a tragic event changes his outlook on life.


This coming of age film in Malayalam is written and directed by Ganesh Raj and it is also his directorial debut. It explores the life of a class of second-year engineering students who go on a university tour to the exotic lands of Hampi and Goa. Their experiences on their journey help them understand the intricacies of love and friendship.


Written and directed by SS Stanley, this romantic drama follows Kathir, a poor student who is so in need of money that he goes to an all-women’s college to raise money for his MCA studies. There he meets Shweta, a rich girl. Their friendship is misinterpreted by everyone and soon the gossip begins. However, time plays its game and they succumb to their true feelings and fall in love with each other.


Directed by Balaji Sakthivel, the film revolves around a group of nine childhood friends who join a small town arts college together. A new girl, Shobana, joins the university and is depressed and doesn’t like the new place. Things eventually look up when she befriends her classmates and becomes part of their group, joining in the fun and games that happen daily at college.

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