Watch these 6 foreigners sing popular Indian songs with their own twist

Indian songs have had international reach for years now, and the advent of the internet has only pushed it to the next level. With the increase in content creation and a similar increase in content consumption, a tendency for outsiders to react to popular Indian songs has taken over the internet. These reaction videos are also well received by the Indian community and generate millions of views, turning the stranger from a reaction into a sensation in no time. But song covers have become the new thing to do on YouTube and outsiders are doing it. Now foreigners have also ventured into singing Indian songs and some have produced orchestrated compositions, creating a niche for themselves.

While we’ve seen a few Tollywood actors and Bollywood actors try their hand at vocals, we also know the effort it takes to hold onto the soul of a song. What if the song is in a language you don’t know? While we appreciate their efforts, let’s lend a big ear to their well-meaning contributions to the world of song covers. Check out these 6 examples of foreigners singing Indian songs and singing them well.

# 1. Sahor Bahubali

What happens when you have a world famous movie with a song that crashes to the beat? Then, the best musical artists in the world try to recreate this musical phenomenon. This Baahubali 2 hit song was performed by an orchestra in Indonesia.

# 2. Enjoy Enjaami

If you’ve been following the Instagram trend, it’s almost irresistible to shake a leg for this song. Watch Emma Heesters from the Netherlands sing the Tamil song Enjoy Enjaami. This video of a foreigner singing this Indian song blew up the internet a month ago.

# 3. Maguva

You are bound to change your mind after seeing this foreigner sing this Indian song. Charles, an African was the most famous among these singers. He also recently appeared on a Telugu TV show and sang other popular Telugu songs such as Oosupodu and Chitti.

# 4. Teri mitti

This song touched all hearts in India when it was released in 2019. You can still shed a tear when hearing the cover of Teri Mitti by Piano Eshaal, a Korean singer. His performance with Karaoke may seem simple, but his attempts to keep the soul of the song intact will allow you to recognize its innate nature.

# 5. Rangabati

Samuel Singh has been a frequent and constant foreign singer of Indian songs. Rangabati is a very popular Odia folk song and this cover is a studio coke version of the same song.

# 6. Mukkala Mukabla

If you are looking for foreigners who sing their foot-tapping Indian songs, check out this video of Ary Roberto, a Canadian musician singing the hit Tamil song Mukkala Mukabla. Although she may not understand the lyrics in some places, the passion with which she sings the song and the way that she never misses any notes is something admirable.

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